Kuhan Dazh (KD) Ltd / Kabul Delta (KD) Group, henceforth referred to as KD, is one of the top-tier logistics, construction and services company dedicated to lending a helping hand in Afghanistan’s rehabilitation and development since 2001. KD headquarter is located in Kabul, Afghanistan with satellite offices in all major cities of Afghanistan such as Shindand, Heart; Kandahar, Kandahar; Mazar-e-Shariff, Balkh, and Jalalabad, Nangarhar. KD personnel are comprised of professional Afghans, Americans and Canadians. KD is endowed with a unique disposition of cultural sensitivities that allows it the ability to act as a catalyst and interface between the coalition forces (US Army, NATO and ISAF), foreign owned corporations (Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Fluor, Mantech, KBR etc) and the local Afghan Government/community in furthering the development of Afghanistan’s security and stability by helping to build tomorrow’s infrastructure, catering to the local populace basic necessities as well as providing great job opportunities.

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Client Testimonial

The purpose of this MFR is to write on behalf of KD Group. Over the past 7 Years, KD Group has completed numerous building projects and supplied a wide array of supplies (Construction machinery, transportation vehicles, and related parts and services). The task of bidding and purchasing construction projects and specialize heavy-duty equipments for these projects is tenuous at best and given the current mode some contractors and vendors do business, we were ready for many challenges. To our delight, KD Group delivered the contracts seamlessly. KD Group is a successful bidder on our heavy machinery requirement. They currently do and will continue to deliver heavy machinery to Bagram Airfield as part of a select group of contractors who will be fulfilling this requirement for the next year. KD Group has delivered the heavy machinery and related services and equipment without issue. They are the only contractor I've worked with without a customer complaint, and they are yet to be required to take corrective action. It is important to indicate that they delivered and installed their products on time and within budget. The quality of their services and supplies has met and in some cases exceeded our expectations. I would certainly recommend KD Group to anyone looking to purchase, lease construction equipment and supplies.

Department of the Army Joint Contracting Command – Iraq/Afghanistan